EVEMover is a tool to move multiple instances of EVE online to their own monitors. It will also remove the titlebar and borders from the games' windows, so they will not overlap onto the other instances. Unlike EVE Launcher it will not start the EVE instances.

Usage: Start EVEMover, then start your EVE instances as you do normally. Configure your EVE instances to use windowed mode and to use the correct graphics card for the monitor they will be displayed on. (Hint: Press Ctrl+F to see the current frame rate. If the EVE window is displayed on a different graphics card then it is configured to, the frame rate will drop.) Switch to EVEMover, there you will find all running EVE instances in the "Running EVEs not handled by EVEMover" category. You will also find a list of monitors there. Now drag&drop the found EVEs onto the target monitors. That's all. You can now minimize EVEMover and forget about it.

Download Version 1.1 (Note: The installer is in German, the program itself is in English.)

New in version 1.1:
* Operation will now stop on any error. This should prevent EVEMover from spawning an error box every second.
* Source code is now available. Please note this only includes my code, not that of the included components. However, you chould be able to google them up. And BTW, it's for Delphi 6.